Here are some new photos from the George Ezra gig in the Academy,Dublin. Ezra is riding high on a wave of popularity and it’s reflected in his live performances. George Ezra is a youthful singer-songwriter from Hertford but don’t let his fresh faced, clean cut demeanour put you off or distract you from the message. When George Ezra opens his mouth, the second he starts to sing, it all becomes clearer. George Ezra has the ability to transport you to a world splattered with vivid imagery, some light and colourful but others with a darker tinge and a stained underbelly. George Ezra has a rich, deep tenor far older than his years would lead you to believe. He has received a lot of press and backing from the likes of Radio 1, which can only lead to him gaining more time to fully develop his sound. Releasing two EPs, Did You Hear the Rain? in October 2013 and Cassy O’ in March 2014, With the lead tracks like Cassy O’, Do You Hear The Rain? and his most commercially successful release so, Budapest, it all looks like clear skies for George Ezra. Ezra had a wonderful support act in the shape of the talented Rae Morris. The Blackpool born singer-songwriter, has herself, received a lot critical acclaim. Rae has just released a great new video to compliment her new track Closer. Its the new single from her Closer EP.

Check it out below the live gallery. Plus the wonderful track Do You Hear The Rain? By George Ezra.

Do You Hear The Rain? By George Ezra.

Closer by Rae Morris.