With a new album in the pipeline Alabama 3 have hit the road with their ‘Lost and Found’ tour and tonight they are in their home from home…Glasgow

Two things are guaranteed in life death and not being able to stand still at an Alabama 3 gig… their infectious brand of techno acid house country inject your feet with a life of their own prompting them into some crazy Da dancing… One more guaranteed thing but only in the Glasgow gigs is the eclectic nature of the audience…entertainment in its own, gangsters, country and western fans, rave fans, rock fans and a good dollop of general fannies is enough to keep you entertained without ever looking at the stage.

The house lights dimmed at an early 8:30 to a sold out venue and the band opened with ‘Praise The Lord’… Larry Love pacing the stage like a caged animal accepting the adoration of the manic crowd…’ REHAB’ saw the introduction of singer Aurora Dawn and as I’ve said before…the voice of an angel with the moves of the devil…..crowd favorite and local lad Rev Wayne D Love takes the stage for ‘Converted” and the recipe is complete…time for some serious dancing…

A hot sweaty set follows highlights being ‘Woke Up This Morning’, ‘Switchblade Stiletto’, ’You Are The One’ the new single ‘Lost and Found’…. To be honest the whole thing was immense ….the band smashed the 10pm curfew and returned to stage after a noisy encore and complete the perfect night with ‘Too Sick To Pray’ and ‘Hypo Full Of Love’

The best….10/10