How often do you come across new music that leads you to dance around your room like a maniac? It doesn’t happen often to me. However, Youth Worship have released a new EP that has blown my mind slightly and leaves me longing for more.
“Your heads fucked up with the truth” – how genius is that?! It’s simple and effective. No one needs ridiculous metaphors when you can get right to the point. From the get go I can tell the sound is Indie, rocky, ambient, and poppy. Sort of a Manic Street Preachers meets The Cure. Seeing as both formerly mentioned bands are epic, how could the sound not be good?
Second track: stunning intro, summertime blues kind of feel to it. It’s fantastic to see such simple and effective writing. It doesn’t try to be anything too clever. The track is heartbreaking; it hit a nerve that made me want to do something in between dance and cry. The track entails a seriously simple chord progression, though clearly effective as it had me hooked from beginning to end. I could listen to this track over and over again and never become bored. “It’s over, is it really?” Well, I didn’t and I don’t want it to. Not ever.
That stunning retro pop-rock sound does not end by the third track thankfully, ‘Into the sun’ couldn’t help but make me feel nostalgic for something, I don’t even know what that “something” is. However, whatever that certain ”something” is, it made me want to dance around my room like a lunatic. I sincerely hope to see these guys live someday, even if it’s just for this song. I can see it driving Youth Worship fans wild with happiness. It’s upbeat, poppy, and downright beautiful.
The final track (WHY did there have to be a final track?!) is the heaviest on the EP. It’s gritty and grungy and pure class. The instrumental seem more distorted then on previous tracks, though the vocals are more pronounced. The lyrics also seem to be grittier than the others. It’s just an all round ‘rock out to’ kind of track. Lyrics such as “Makes no difference when we’re really gone” left me on the edge of an existential crisis, while all the same making me want to say “fuck it” with regard to any thing I’ve ever worried about in my life. I just want to forget about it and dance all my problems away.
When it comes down to my own opinion, trying to describe my feelings towards the Youth Worship EP would be require using every synonym I can find for “Awesome” in the thesaurus. No time would be too soon for Youth Worship to bring out a full LP. I could very easily listen to these guys every day for the rest of my life and die pretty darn happy. The EP is worth a seriously well deserved four and a half stars, with one half taken away purely because there weren’t more tracks to listen to. Check them out as soon as you get a chance, here’s hoping you’ll end up as obsessed as I am right now.