The latest instalment by Houston’s own home grown band, Young Mammals is due for release on October 7th through Odd hour records. This will be the second album from the four piece. Alto secto was mastered by Sarah Register and produced by Steve Christensen & Young Mammals themselves.
Alto secto isn’t the kind of album you fall in love with the second you’ve hit the play button, it takes some easing into. From first listen it’s almost too much for the ears to stand, there’s so much going on and the vocals are drowning amongst the noise. It’s loud and hard to understand and you’re ears don’t know which part to focus on… But by the third song “alto secto” you’ll be beginning to understand what that once distant voice is now singing.
Although the album begins fast paced and loud, it slows down dramatically when it reaches songs such as “Not the guy”, the pace picks back up and drops again. While you’re listening it’s obvious a pattern emerges throughout the song layout.

All the tracks stay similar in sound, and tell a story, almost, which creates an album rather than a compilation of songs. The strongest songs, maybe because they’re the most people friendly are “Rabies” ‘I want you now whooaa now I’ll keep the rabies baby” it’s some interesting lyrical choices but it works and “queen” another catchy, and what could become a crowd pleasing song “ I could be your slave on a sinking ship and you could be my lovely queen” . These two tracks might be the ones to start with to familiarize yourself with the sound, if you’re not ready to dive right in.
Although I can’t claim these lads are full of originality and uniqueness, the sound certainly has a familiar electronic feel, possibly with a little inspiration from bands like the cure and the killers but they’ve without a shadow of a doubt poured their full hearts into it. I couldn’t flaw these boys on the presence of passion and enthusiasm, it’s there, not as obvious sometimes but it’s there.
It’s a great album to have on while you chill out and contemplate your life in great detail, not always because of how deep the lyrics are, but the music itself has a way of carrying you off into another world, especially “Littlefield” the albums final song, it ends in music and sounds and it is truly magical, it’s one of those rare songs you find your soul in.
Overall the album is one to buy! Young Mammals have a few hidden gems on this one, and do you really want to be left behind? If you like to like stuff before it’s liked, get on it now! No time to waste!