Angel The remixes is the Yoko Ono follow up to her club chart topper “walking on thin Ice” . Angel (The remixes) is released under Twisted Records.
I went into this very skeptical, not really sure what I should expect and with the assumption I’d hate it. I was nicely surprised and immediately eating my own words.

This is an 8 track piece with a tracklist consisting of a club and dub remix of the song “Angel” from 4 Djs. It kicks off smoothly with remixes from Dank Trap, these mixes have the sound of a nice classic club tune. They’re interesting and captivating, you tend to forget that you’re actually hearing the same lyrics repeated over and over and find yourself lost in the music. Even if you’re not a dance music fan it’s hard to not tap your foot to along to the beat by track 3, Club remix by Soul Cartel. Tracks 4 and 5, The Dave Aude’ remixes seem a little more hardcore at first, but actually the club remix is easy listening when it gets into it and pleasant to the eardrums, the dub remix is a little harder to listen to but fast paced and easy to move to. Each remix sounds different to the last, it’s easy to forget that it actually boils down to the same song. Even if dance music is not your thing I suggest you give this a chance, you might just realize 45 minutes later that you got lost in the listening and enjoyed it.
I wanted to flaw this album so badly before even giving it a chance and truth be told, I can’t. When I looked at the track listing I swore I’d be bored after the first remix, I wasn’t. The only thing is the majority of the credits here belong to the djs, rather than Yoko Ono herself. Yoko Ono only seems to provide the vocals, although they are soft and captivating, most of the magic that happens is solely down to whomever is remixing the song. The only disappointing thing about this is the fact that it ends.

If you’re looking for something to lose yourself to, something to forget about the harsh reality of the world outside then press play and close your eyes and you will be transported into a world of colour and soul soothing beats. This takes you on a journey like no other, Regardless of how strict or limited your music tastes are.
The top tracks to watch for on here is Soul Cartels dub remix and the Dave Aude’ club remix.