One of the more pleasant and satisfying aspects of music is when you happen upon a band, a conveniently random discovery – Wolf Alice and their new EP, Creature Songs, have taken that mantle for today. A quartet from London, the group released their second EP earlier this year in May and it is a strong follow-up to their debut release, Blushes, losing none of their style or conviction.

I’ve found that often EPs can provide more of a personal insight into a band than an album as you figure these are the works in progress, the latest of the press for public consumption, and this release showcases the group doing what they do best. The EP kicks off with Moaning Lisa Smile, a crashing but strangely hypnotising track that you could easily envisage yourself breaking speed limits to. To stick with the driving analogy, the second track is very much a shift in gear with dramatic guitar choruses ringing out to reverb coated vocals – for a band that has often been labelled as a cross between folk and grunge, they certainly don’t hide away from any perceptions that their music is a bit too rough to slot nicely into the one genre.

Heavenly Creatures, the 3rd track, however is distinctly different and shows the band have a calmer temperament, a song that rolls along with its hushed vocals and lo-fi guitar riffs. Definitely a step down from what you’re introduced to in the first half of the EP, but certainly not a drop in the performance.

Finally the auditory experience is brought to a close with the very downtempo We’re Not the Same – a clear nod to the influence brought on by 90s grunge. Only criticism? This track should last longer, it leaves you feeling unfulfilled with its abrupt end.

All in all, this group show a lot of potential and are clearly very, very good at what they do. Understandable then that they have the makings of one of those great groups – they might not become household names, and why would they want to, but they will certainly be in the conversation of those who are passionate about groups that sound like they give a shit. For further reading, check out the aforementioned debut EP, Blushes, and the single Fluffy. Alternatively do like I did and buy yourself a ticket to see this group on their tour of the UK – they’ll be playing Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach (a.k.a. Welsh Club) on the 21st of August, might be I’ll see you there.