This song is amazing!! personally its right up my alley as it is simple, poetic and yet unbelievably effective.

Fortune is a mysterious song about a moment at the crossroads in William Fitzsimmons’ life.

“‘Fortune’ is a song about making a decision to walk through a river of shit instead of turning around,” Fitzsimmons tells us, “even knowing there might not be anything but the same pain you’re trying to leave behind on the other side. It was written about someone in my life who I watched make an enormous sacrifice without any expectation following it. I don’t remember ever feeling so impressed and confused in my life. I only hope I can be that brave when the time comes.”

after reading and listening to the song at the same time it drives real emotions within me, and i hope that i too can follow in this mysterious persons footsteps and show utter bravery in times of turbulence.

Give it a listen and re read his statement! See if it haves a similar effect within you!