White Lung premiere a new live video for “I Believe You” in conjunction with the Urban Outfitters Live series. The video is taken from the band’s recent performance at the Los Angeles, CA store Space 15 Twenty, where White Lung played a free show for fans. The “I Believe You” live video captures the kinetic and raw energy White Lung have become known for, especially on their most recent shows in support of ‘Deep Fantasy’.

White Lung bang out more live dates in support of their third and critically acclaimed album,’Deep Fantasy’ – having played three sold out shows in NYC including the Basilica Soundscape Festival in Hudson, NY this past weekend, before heading back to Europe including two shows in Russia. They’re set to play a stint of West Coast dates from Portland up to their hometown in Vancouver for two shows this December.

‘Deep Fantasy’ proves them to be every bit as confrontational as before, but it appears that Vancouver’s hard hitting rock n’ roll outfit have opened their sound up just enough to draw listeners in before kicking them in the face (in a good way). In the studio, White Lung slimmed to a trio; vocalist Mish Way, drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou and guitarist Kenneth William. ‘Deep Fantasy’ was made primarily in Vancouver with producer Jesse Gander (who also did both ‘Sorry’and their 2010 debut ‘It’s The Evil’) in just 2 ten-day-long sessions at the end of 2013 and the start of this year. William handled bass duties on ‘Deep Fantasy’ while Wax Idols’ Hether Fortune will take up bass and backing vocal duties on tour for the foreseeable future.

Way is more provocative and melodic than ever on ‘Deep Fantasy’, lyrically surveying addiction (“Drown With the Monster”), body dysmorphia (“Snake Jaw”) and sexual dynamics (“Down It Goes,”) amongst other dinner table topics. William, a devotee of Johnny Marr, “plays with the speed of an 80s hardcore dude” whirled in Vassiliou’s relentless and seemingly effortless approach to drumming.