Delicately balancing between the exquisite and the sublime We’re No Heroes four track EP Shiver espouses a promising future of creating moments and memories, each song a soundtrack to those warm summer eves spent swaying across sands drenched in the warm rays of a setting sun; the mood charged with the electricity of strangers setting out on a night in the company of future best friends, the partner in your sunset sashaying demanding nothing more than your company for the duration of the enchantment you suddenly and gladly find yourself swathed within.

As opening track and setter-of-the-scene Wild Life encapsulates the good-times and great awaiting listeners of NMH taster of the triumphant; a soupcon of Franz Ferdinand and a shot of Junior Senior and we’re well on the way to the golden coast of Happyland Central. It’s a Pied Piper of an opener that, rather than demand the attentions of its audience with style sans substance, gently coaxes them in with a purporting of the pleasantries to come.

A laconic start of memorizing melody melts the mind and magnificently introduces Give Into Love’s serendipitous encounter with the ears. An opening to send the small hairs on your neck reaching for the sky there’s a sense of the lights being turned down as NMH raises the temperature of the mood, brings the atmosphere to a plateau of tantalizing promises and tempting possibilities to indulge in should the fancy be taken.

Dark Dive shows a more rockier side to the proceedings, an intriguing guitar riff almost shocking you from your reverie of reveling. As the riff continues and the and song starts to swell sparks ignite the atmosphere, the static set ablaze with the sound of adrenalin through amps, guitar grinding groove engorging the temptation to a satisfying celebration, a showcase of sensation enough to send shivers down the spine.

Maya continues the beach-bothering boogy as the EP draws to a close, a steadying call and repeat of drum and high-hat, an insinuation into the subconscious that pulls on the invisible strings connecting your head to the beat and finds you grooving right along with the track, vocals soothing you into the balmy waters of rhythmic enticements.

Find a beach, a bar, or even a back yard, invite your friends, neighbors, and random strangers you may meet, and let No More Heroes Shiver make a lifetime of  memories you will never want to forget.


4/5 Stars

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