We Are Shining have released ‘DEVILEYES’, an 8 track mix filled with the duo’s signature hypnotic blend of vocal-led beats. Stand out tracks from the album include “KILLING” and title track “DEVILEYE”, featuring vocals from Roses Gabor.

The London based duo are known for their unique and untraditional musical approach. Described by Complex as “a sound that defies genres,”the whole mixtape avoids a conventional pattern, with every song filled with instinctive outbursts of raw beats. Noisey says “Their MO is groove rooted electronica—a blend of tribal beats, slapped palms and a heavy dose of soul.”

Featuring vocals from Eliza Doolittle, “KILLING” has a video that will keep you on the edge of your seat with your heart firmly in your month. Featuring professional knife thrower, James Taylor and blade-dodging dancer, Shannelle “Tali” Fergus, the intense video is a strange contrast to the mellow, psychedelic song.

We Are Shining released the trippy, poppy title track “DEVILEYE” last week. Combining both electronic sounds with distorted vocals and smooth guitar, the song is a guaranteed hit among fans.

Watch ‘KILLING’ here.