THE SKULL are the new band featuring original members Eric Wagner (vocals) and Jeff “Oly” Olson (drums) of American doom metal legends TROUBLE alongside longtime TROUBLE bassist Ron Holzner, guitarist Lothar Keller (SACRED DAWN) and former PENTAGRAM guitarist Matt Goldsborough will release their debut album For Those Which Are Asleep on November 4 via Tee Pee Records, the NYC independent record label known for releasing landmark albums from acts such as High on Fire, Graveyard, Earthless and Sleep.

In advance of the record’s release, THE SKULL premieres the new song “Till the Sun Turns Black”.

Written and recorded this past spring, For Those Which Are Asleep features ten tracks of elemental Heavy Metal and is the first full length album to feature Wagner, Holzner and Olson since the 1995 release of TROUBLE’s critically acclaimed LP Plastic Green Head. The new record’s greatest strength is how well it captures the apocalyptic trudge that Trouble delivered from the first downbeat of their 1984 debut, but now unequivocally propelled by the hallmarks of a hungry new band fueled by new blood. The mighty voice of Wagner is on full display; the vocalist proving on For Those Which Are Asleep that he still wields an eerie power at the mic. Titanic riffs abound as Keller and Goldsborough weave ominous atmospheres over the molten, crushing core of Holzner and Olson’s sinister strut. Make no mistake, THE SKULL are in complete command of their craft and have capably created a modern classic; a recording where atmosphere is established as drums crash, guitars blare and stories are told.

For Those Which Are Asleep track listing:

1.) Trapped Inside My Mind
2.) The Touch of Reality
3.) Sick of It All
4.) The Door
5.) Send Judas Down
6.) A New Generation
7.) Till the Sun Turns Black
8.) For Those Which Are Asleep
9.) Sometime Yesterday Mourning
10.) The Last Judgment

THE SKULL is a musical collaboration founded by three former members of American doom metal pioneers TROUBLE; vocalist Eric Wagner, bassist Ron Holzner and drummer Jeff “Oly” Olson, all three noted for their talents and strong influence in the worldwide metal scene. TROUBLE formed in 1979 and is universally hailed as one of the pioneers of doom metal genre, alongside bands such as Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Candlemass and Saint Vitus. TROUBLE created a distinct (and distinctly HEAVY) style by merging influences from the British heavy metal bands Black Sabbath and Judas Priest with psychedelic rock acts of the 1970s. The band’s first two albums, Psalm 9 (released in 1984, enshrined in Decibel magazine’s “Hall of Fame” and regarded as one of the most important doom albums ever) and The Skull (1985) are cited as doom metal landmarks. The band later went on to flirt with crossover success when they signed with Rick Rubin’s Def American Recordings for the release of 1990’s Trouble and 1992’s Manic Frustration. THE SKULL formed in 2011 to “continue the sounds and spirit of TROUBLE – past, present, future” and has been performing for audiences in the United States and Europe to overwhelming response. THE SKULL will release its debut album For Those Which Are Asleep on November 4, 2014 via NYC’s Tee Pee Records.