Easy listening, catchy and warmly familiar. The Melting Ice Caps new album Sweet Sleight: a Slight Suite is all of the above and more.

Captivating simplistic guitar pop with a funky and intriguingly deep twist, the album explores layers of swirling and emotive sounds whilst unwavering in its tone – a key ingredient of a spellbinding ten track album. And it cuts straight to the chase…

Opening track Sweet Sleight epitomizes the wondrous relationship between lyric and delivery.  The repetitive warning line of ‘Somebody’s luck is gonna run out…’ delivered with a beautifully poetic and richly welcoming tone. The song is quietly catchy and chipper, we almost miss the somewhat sinister undertone of ‘stop passing off your weaknesses as virtues’ as we happily finger tap along to what is a perfect introduction to what may follow.

Third Life is an expansion of the opening track. It serves up another offering of that authentic simplicity, so often absent in terms of tinny yet oh-so-functional percussion and a spellbinding Morrissey-esque vocal.

The endearing quality of Sweet Sleight: a Slight Suite is its unplugged charm – unplugged yet electronic – curious isn’t it?

Golden Age is packed with emotive lyrics – chorus and verse playing out a sense of funky juxtaposition. And perhaps it’s this simplistic concept which sparks my enthusiasm towards this album – I get the feeling that lyrically, this is deeper than I imagine. There may very well be a message to this which is probably too intellectual for me – but hey, if that’s the case then great! All the better!

The album winds to an end with final offering On The Meter. I love the fact that there’s no need for a long intro with this music – the song has too much to say for that. And it’s so effective in terms of the reflective tone of this track. It plays out like an uptempo Lightning Seeds’ Perfect. It has that same hazy, dreamlike quality whilst staying true to the overriding tone of an album which is as quaint as it is charming.

Expressive and curiously comforting, Sweet Slight: a Slight Suite  by The Melting Ice Caps is available to stream right now.