Here is the new track, A Weaker One, from The Henry’s forthcoming studio album “The Quiet Industry” out June 11th.

On “Quiet Industry,” their first album in six years, The Henrys are once again creating the rich and textured sound they’ve established over six albums and 21 years. But this time there’s a new twist.

With this album, Henrys’ leader Don Rooke (Mary Margaret O’Hara, Holy Modal Rounders, Three Metre Day) has written lyrics to 11 of the 14 songs. On tracks like ‘A Weaker One’ and ‘As I Say I Do,’ you can now hear the group sound merge beautifully with vocals to create … a normal band! Sort of.

Sung with feel and emotion by Gregory Hoskins (formerly of The Stickpeople), and as always colored by the uncommon instruments The Henrys prefer – kona guitar (an antique koa wood slide guitar), lap steel, pump organ, bass, drums, violin and an array of hard-to-define sounds – the unique palette is fully established.

Along with Rooke and Hoskins, Quiet Industry also features most of The Henrys cast including Hugh Marsh (Bruce Cockburn, Don Byron, Jon Hassell), John Sheard (Stuart McLean, Rita Coolidge), Andrew Downing (Kelly Joe Phelps, David Tronzo), Davide DiRenzo (Holly Cole, Cassandra Wilson, Jacksoul), Jonathan Goldsmith (Jane Siberry, Nick Buzz, Sarah Slean), along with harmony vocalist Tara Dunphy (The Rizdales).

The Henrys’ “Quiet Industry” will be available on CD and digital formats June 11th on The Henrys’ own imprint, hR2015.

1. A Weaker One
2. As I Say I Do
3. A Thousand Corners
4. Change for Good
5. Invention of the Atmospheric Engine
6. Reel Me in Gently
7. Was Is
8. I Kneed You
9. When That Far Shore Disappears
10. Dangers of Travel
11. Last One Here
12. Burn the Boat
13. Needs Must
14. The Almighty Inbox