Unpretentious and entertaining, The Everymen are currently leading the party rock trend, a well needed reprieve from auto tune and monotonous dance. With a Springsteen edge, the ideal word for the band would be fun.

Hailing from New Jersey, The Everymen consists of Mike V, Catherine Herrick, Scott Zillitto, Stephen Chopek, Jamie Zillitto, Jake Fiedler, Geoff Morrissey and Tom Barrett. The seven piece band provide powerful guitar riffs, and as many emotion filled lyrics as catchy hooks. With strong choruses and saxophone playing, the Everymen have echoes of past rock with an added more modern rock theme.

The Everymen played South by Southwest 2013 and are back again for more. Eschewing the pretentious for straight forward good old rock’n’roll, the 2014 performance is guaranteed to be boisterous, brilliant and a little bit bad.