With Summer well and truly upon us here, it was time for The Big Day Out to roll around again this year. Frought with the impending disaster of having to replace Blur at the last minute, they managed to pull together a merry band of troubadours to replace the iconic Brit pop lads.

Eternal crowd pleasers The Hives did themselves proud leaping from one end of the stage to the other and also managing to squeeze in a great rendition of Happy Birthday with much audience participation for the guitarist.

My fave little band to bop about to right now, The Naked and Famous also lived up to their reputation of bringing an energetic performance.

But as far as stage antics and energy goes it is hard to go past Group love, a dizzying level of jumps and head bangs made for a great show.

By far the highlight for me was getting to see Arcade Fire, the stage show, the songs, the delivery, the waves of love that exchange from performer to audience and back again is hard to explain and hard to beat, it is indeed what this seasoned festival veteran lives for, and I was not left disappointed.

It made Liam Gallaghers mildly aggressive performance seem bizarre and out of place and if this is indeed the last Big Day Out in this incarnation then it was a hell of a band to bring in for the grand finale.