The synth revival of recent years continues at pace. Electro-led offerings which are spring loaded, primed and ready to attack your senses as they announce themselves in full multicoloured electronic glory.

Teleman take a slightly different approach. Theirs is a much more subtle style. A sound which is more captivating by way of invitation rather than forceful announcement.

Their debut LP is a beautifully harmonic collection of layered tones. Led by the wonderfully dream-like vocal of Thomas Sanders, Breakfast carries with it a charm which is full of the joys of spring and will undoubtedly pave the way for the young band, already well established amongst festival revelers.

The album is a ten track offering which is packed with variety and colour. Every lyric of every song manages to paint a picture, conjuring an entire array of images, and this is no fluke. Written from a diverse pool of inspiration, the album comes to life as it unfolds. Sanders explains: “It’s like visions from a dream in places-I love really strong images. You hear a lyric and as soon as the lyric is said you see it in front of you.”

And when it comes to just how meaningful the message here is, well Teleman are quite happy to leave that entirely up to the listener. “I really like double meanings or other interpretations,” continues Sanders. “I’m purposefully ambiguous.”

Having already toured with the likes of Suede and Franz Ferdinand to name but two, Teleman are set to shake up and deflect the electro-based alternative pop world in a slightly different direction. And with Breakfast they may be doing just that entirely of their own accord.

Opening track Cristina is a wonderful opening gambit and a measure of what we may expect as this album unfolds. It has that sweet synth driven intro before the dream-like vocal drifts into play, so rich in tone and colour. As the song meanders along it becomes difficult not to fall under the captivating spell of that voice.

The song drifts rather than flows, setting the tone for what could quite easily take the shape of this summer’s soundtrack.  Quite seldom will a synth/electro led track carry with it such a relaxing tone.

Steam Train Girl takes on a more funky persona, yet has a story to tell. Addictive and catchy from the onset, this is a track which would not be out of place nestled somewhere on a Gary Numan album, yet rich in an energetic freshness- The perfect acknowledgement of Teleman’s aforementioned diversity.

Lady Low is a spellbinding gem. It creeps up on you, hiding beneath an intro which borders upon the charmingly mundane which serves as the gateway to a vocal which is so quietly personal. The listener is caught unaware by the unexpected and quite brilliant saxaphone intervention which works so, so well.

Breakfast is exactly what we look for in a debut LP. Diverse and fresh…. Of course by fresh, we mean different-a huge quality from a genre which at times can tend to be anything but.

Teleman have recently concluded a full UK tour as festival season moves up a gear and goes into full swing. With the group picking up rave reviews and a steadily growing fanbase behind them, Breakfast makes it blindingly clear just what all the fuss is about.

This group have discovered a formula which will become a trademark all of their own. Rich, harmonic and captivating melodies layered upon powerful basslines intertwined with a keyboard fuelled electronic rare diversity, this album is a subtle nudge. And once it has your attention, it will keep it.

Breakfast is available now through Moshi Moshi Records. And in true Live And Die In Music fashion, here’s a taster of what you may expect. Check out the official video for 23 Floors Up!