Stornoway are back with their forthcoming third album (title TBA) out 13th April. Stornoway set off on the new album campaign trail with the other-worldly sounds of The Road You Didn’t Take.

At the close of the second album campaign Stornoway songwriter and singer Dr. Brian Briggs found his notebook empty, he and his young family picked up sticks and moved to the Gower Peninsula in Wales, perhaps once of Britain’s last wildernesses.

Briggs and Stornoway have always harnessed the power of the great outdoors for perspective and The Gower brought Brian nothing short of panoramic, HD, clarity. It brought the three part harmonies that open the song to Brian in a dream, pushed him to experiment with Celtic tuning for the guitar riff and it was on The Gower that Brian was reminded of the 1916 poem by Robert Frost The Road Not Taken, which had a huge influence on this song.

Redolent with their customary chamber-folk The Road resonates with ethereal layers of choral voices (reminiscent of Romanian intertwining harmonies), cascading melodies like waterfalls, shimmering cymbals, tremulous guitars and Brian’s voice is as pure and clear as a mountain stream.

Stornoway’s third album will be released in the UK on Monday 13th April. It promises to be loaded with the band’s keenest pop sensibilities yet and for the first time the band worked with a producer, rock recording legend Gil Norton to help add muscle and focus to their sound.