As the synth revival of recent years continues at pace, Some Ember have premiered the first offering from their forth-coming self-titled LP.

California duo Nina Chase and Dylan Travis are just about as distinctive as it gets. Following on from Hotel of Lost Light and Asleep in the Ice Palace, the evolution of Some Ember’s striking sound looks set to continue through this self titled LP, set for release on May 27th.

The Thrashing Whip is certainly a continuation of what the duo stand for. No surprises, no change of direction or tempo. If this track is a reflection as to what the new LP has in store then expect Some Ember at their purest.

Packed with a dream-like energy and bursting with colour, The Thrashing Whip is an illustration of a state of mind. Swirling keyboard tones, electronic pulsing waves, surging and rich with meaning. But whilst that meaning will resonate amongst Some Ember aficionados as an important undercurrent, it will remain irrelevant to many of us as we simply indulge ourselves in the soothing tones and harsh percussion.

The track is a pure representation of what we may term as sonic creativity, balanced by the melodic harmonies of a soft, soothing vocal full to the brim with emotional energy. It carries an almost extraterrestrial sound which is offset by that poetic vocal adding a pop-like twist.

A word of caution, however. This is an acquired taste in every sense, and it’s easy to get lost between all of those layers as they swirl and unfold. And if that’s a case of me overthinking it, well that’s because this is one of those tracks which lends itself to such a distraction. Is this a bad thing? Well, no!  Most will agree that there is nothing wrong with an acquired taste, likewise most will agree that Some Ember are very, very good at what it is that they do. With that in mind, if you like a raw, droning intensity then this is for you.

The self titled, self produced and self recorded LP Some Ember is available from May 27th via Dream.

In the meantime, check out first offering The Thrashing Whip right here.