“Moon” is the debut album by Snowbird, Stephanie Dosen and Simon Raymonde.

After much water under the bridge for Raymonde he has returned with Dosen to make a record filled with space, and time for thought. The album is being released on Raymondes record label, Bella Union.

This is an incredibly well mastered album with rich sound, and layered velvet vocals from Dosen. Snowbird’s songs seem to escape the gravitational pull of the mundane daily grind.

There are eleven tracks of dreamy vocals and wholesome piano at this guesthouse of sound.

The project features guests like Philip Selway and Ed O’Brien, both from Radiohead, Midlake guitarist Eric Pulido, and McKenzie Smith, Paul Gregory & Jonathan Wilson from Lanterns on the Lake.

With this combination all in the same place, one is transported into the light. This light being the light of the moon.

One can look forward to thick guitar tones with delay and tremolo, like in “In Melody” and Enoesk guitars on the track “Charming Birds From The Trees”.

The songs on “Moon” just blend into each other like the way light moves across buildings, and creates seamless moments in time. Dosens unique vocal treatment and complicated melodies is like ice cream for the ears. I just want to stay by the fire in this guesthouse and listen to this album over and over again. Dosen and Raymondes sound has matured like a fine wine. The flavors here are reminiscent of a good year in my youth in the 80’s, many moons ago.

There’s so much space in this album for thought. This is a rare thing these days as the cochlea is pounded with more and more bands that don’t seem to leave any room for the imagination. You feel that there are rooms here that have large bay windows for looking at the light and land, rooms where reflections play games on the chimneybreast.

Using the wonders of modern technologies, the duo were able to write the songs for this album across two continents. Raymonde in London, and Dosen in North California. The choice of title for the record is perfect, “moon”, always the same, no matter where you are. It is the essence of connectedness between people and continents.

This album is a must for either old Cocteau Twin fans like myself, or anyone new to Dosen and Raymonde. You won’t be able to resist the magnetic pull of “moon” by Snowbird, and I highly recommend this adventure.