A timeless, devil-may-care attitude that never loses it’s appeal – Honduras is the four-piece sonic equivalent to a baseball cap and a torn pair of jeans. Emotionally driven, but played too fast to ever consider the real implications. Levity and brevity are on display in their debut EP, Morality Cuts, while still managing to “extol dangerous feelings and tales of dangerous liaisons as their own moral cause,” says IMPOSE.

Slonk Donkerson, like fellow local contemporaries and labelmates Total Slacker, are ostensibly slimy, 90’s fueled revivalism. Beyond simple aesthetics though, this power trio’s sonic proficiency is also a fervently realized pastiche of further reaching influences like Hüsker Du, REM and the Replacements. These are seasoned players paying homage of the highest order with a sophomoric grin that isn’t necessarily that base.