Ahead of the June 2nd release of new Album Floating, Sleep Party People has launched new single In Another World.

It’s the first track to make its way online and showcases beautifully the boundless imagination of Danish multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz.

In Another World offers more than a hint of what we may expect from the new album, a change in direction through a reinforcement of that familiar signature sound. Batz explains. “The whole feel of the album is very different to what’s gone before. It’s 100% hand played, totally organic and analog. I wanted it to sound more like a band than a one man project this time.”

Mission accomplished.

In Another World is a swirling mass of strings set on top of thick yet energetic basslines. Typical of Sleep Party People, it’s a glorious yet macabre offering.

The difference this time is one of simple progression. The sound is more potent and forceful than ever, yet still manages to carry with it that eerie, hypnotic sound we’ve come to expect, even demand from Sleep Party People.

Batz has used that boundless imagination to develop a sound that continues to evolve, and the progression from 2012 album We Were Drifting On a Sad Song is a beautifully natural one.

Having previously toured with the likes of Efterklang and The Antlers, Sleep Party People will announce new live dates soon.

Stay tuned for a reminder of new album Floating, in the meantime In Another World is available online right now.