Australian raised but Brooklyn based band the High Highs release their new single “Open Season” on the 24th of August. The single “Open season” is the first off their self – titled debut EP.

“Open season” features Jack Milas melancholic falsetto vocals fitting perfectly in to the acoustic guitar and twinkling piano arrangement of the song. The song has a real sense of melancholy to it, yet it has a twinge of bitter sweetness to it, both lyrically and musically. It dips up and down making you feel hopeful one minute while evoking a sense of loss the next. A sweet, simple song on first listen, the feelings it begins evoke in you can be quite disarming and unexpected.  This is something most indie artists strive to perfect, but the High Highs are doing it here with ease.

There is something special about this band, what that is it is simply too early to tell. But as Milas croons “It’s all in your mind” you can’t help but feel this song and band will stay in your mind long in to the future.