The track “The hippie and me” has a distinct Brit-rock, 90s vibe combining scuzzy guitar sounds with laid back vocals courtesy of lead vocalist Jennifer O’Neill. Its cool Brit-pop style mixed with the crunching grunge sound, lyrics that wouldn’t be out of place on an Ash song and Jennifer’s vocals not unlike quintessentially British female singers such as Elastica’s Justin Frischmann,    the band combine all the elements of great bands to produce a trip down memory lane when everyone had crap phones and flannel was the key fashion piece.

While some people might find a band labelled as “grunge” or “Brit-pop” past the 90’s a bit embarrassing, I think Bleech really do the two genres justice here, while giving us an all round solid, enjoyable track. It may not be challenging but since most genres have been played out, we might as well sit back, don the docs and embrace an old sound with a new image!

London trio Bleech have released their new single “The Hippie and Me” as a free download available now.