Sean Grant is as poignant a wordsmith as you will find. His thought-provoking style of storytelling springs from his own personal experiences. The tribulations which have defined the history of his family through forced religion and upheaval during an age when Ango/Irish tensions were high and interracial interaction more than taboo.


His development has led him to where he is now. An evolution forged by his own desire to learn and willingness to reflect and ponder. Musician, wordsmith, storyteller.

Fronting The Wolfgang provides Grant with the perfect platform, the acoustic upbeat folk rhythm acting as the stage to a melodic and haunting voice. Often it is a lyrical genius which defines a voice, but not in this case. In fact, here it is quite the opposite.  Grant’s delivery is as soulful as it is emotional. Like a respected elder captivating his audience with tales from his life story, We The Working Class will hold you spellbound.

I Am The Devil beautifully sums up my meaning. It tells the story of Grant’s grandparents, his Grandmother a Catholic, his Grandfather Protestant. She fled Ireland to London to marry his Grandfather, who under the social pressures of forced religion and a degree of the shame which sprung from such an issue at this time, turned to alcohol whilst they were expecting Grant’s father.

The track is delivered with a tone that is hauntingly autobiographical, as is the entire EP. Sean Grant is a man not just singing his own music, but telling his own story. It really doesn’t get any more original and seldom as unique.

We The Working Class is a four track collection of guitar based folk. It’s a deep routed acoustic symphony. It’s tempo ranges from the positively upbeat to the more somber yet captivating, with a lyrical delivery somewhat reminiscent to that of the late, great Marc Bolan.

We The Working Class is released on June 2nd via The Shipping Forecast, in the meantime catch Sean Grant & The Wolfgang live.

April 12th – The Musician – Leicester

April 18th – Hoxton Bar & Grill – London

April 19th – Craufurd Arms – Milton Keynes

April 25th – Roadmender – Northampton

May 8th – Esquires – Bedford

May 22nd – The Horn – St. Albans

May 23rd – Scorpios – High Wycombe

May 30th – Jam Cafe – Nottingham

May 31st – Camden Rocks Festival