Emerging singer Salt Ashes, aka 22 year old Veiga Sanchez, announces her debut single Somebody, set for release 17thFebruary 2014 via Night Beach Records.

Somebody is a true reflection of the heroes and inspirations of Salt Ashes. She manages to combine Kate Bush dancing in a haunted Studio 54 with the blend of disco and epic dark atmosphere of Giorgio Moroder with electronic pulsing grooves and lyrical escapism “Somebody take me… away”. You can hear the hours that Salt Ashes has spent this past year honing her own songs in the studio, creating her signature electronic grooves, and drawing influence from artists as diverse as Madonna, Kate Bush, Daft Punk and MIA.

Somebody is complemented by B-side Little Dove, a jewel of a track with fragmented, brooding vocals. Little Dove shows a different side to her work and expresses a more electro mid tempo vibe, which breathes the eighties but isnt a dance-able sound such as Somebody. It does however highlight the incredible work of Salt Ashes through the beautifully worked intense layers to the sound.