One of the new names in the Cardiff music scene is that of Safari Gold, a group of four friends hailing from Cardiff and Pontypridd who, albeit with a limited amount of exposure, have marked themselves as one of the most exciting new electronic acts around. Synth-driven pop meets ethereal vocals with a style that underlines the credentials of this group in their new video, Hypnik Jerk, released last week in (accidental) timing with their second ever live performance.

Produced by Todd Campbell and the esteemed Romesh Dodangoda, Hypnik Jerk is being touted as part of soon-to-be-released double A-side and is the band’s first release, visually at least. A noticeably grittier track than their others, Hypnik Jerk plays host to a soundscape that shifts from driven rhythms to an opening of synth and what sounds like audible euphoria.

Filmed in the Snowdonia National Park by one Osian Williams, a young, critically acclaimed Welsh freelance filmmaker, this is an effort from a band that holds much promise for their future. What’s worth noting is that for a band that have only played two gigs ever, this new video is the tip of their metaphorical iceberg – their soundcloud page is littered with releases and the odd remix; clearly this group isn’t a flash in the pan band, but rather one that are keen to demonstrate their diversity and what they’re capable of. Suffice to say, the results have been promising to date.