Having recently played their first headline show in Cardiff’s Undertone back in March, last week saw the release of Safari Gold’s first official single, Howl, an exciting offering from one of the newest bands to have come out of Pontypridd. What sets Safari Gold apart from their peers is that they refuse to be pigeon-holed or specified as being a band that plays one certain type of music; their sound is a diverse one, a contemporary noise that reflects the direction music is headed when (rightly) left in the hands of the young.

Howl is an engaging song in its ways, both rhythmic and captivating with its dramatic chorus and haunting vocals, and shows that this group – whilst still very much at the shallow end of their career – are capable of producing songs that are accomplished in a way that suggest they’ve been doing this for longer than you might think.

The melody is one that will get stuck in your head for the right reasons, and the chorus just pulls you into their world; while I can’t make head or tail of what’s being sung about (my fault, not theirs – lyrics, while inarguably important, have always tended to pass me by) the whole combination makes a sound that feels important, that draws you into the drama of the moment.

Accompanied by Hypnik Jerk, a song released into the public domain with the release of the group’s first video back at the end of January, this release marks the first steps into the light for a group that will no doubt get the merit their composition and production merits. They are an example of the individuality that is rife within the contemporary independent music scene within the UK, and this particular song is well worth the time of anyone who chooses to listen to it.

Howl is now available to buy from all reputable online establishments, and you can find more of their music at their SoundCloud page here.