Anyone ever heard of Roadkill Ghost Choir? I hadn’t until last week when their album ’In Tongues’ was released. Honesty? I’m impressed by them. Why, you ask? Let’s go through why; shall we?
Their sound: Is it Indie? Or Country? Ambient, maybe? I can’t make up my mind, there seems to be absolutely everything going on here, so much so I don’t want to put them in a ‘genre box’. They seem to have about a million influences, that can’t really be pinpointed. Honestly, the amount of times I stopped and thought “Oh this bit reminds me of this artist now!” can’t be counted. With that in mind I think the best possible way to describe the album is to say that My Bloody Valentine, Editors, Kings of Leon, Radiohead all got together to create a love child, then used that child to go create another child with Garth Brooks. Then beat up Garth Brooks because it had to be done.

When it comes to the genre itself, I couldn’t make my mind up on whether I liked it, there’s a very heavy country western kind of feel to it, which isn’t my thing, but in all honesty they seem to make it work with their weird fusion of indie and electro influences. My favourite tracks are certainly those with heavier ambient-indie influences, but in fairness in my mind the more ambience the better. As a whole I couldn’t make up my mind if the tracks actually worked together as a whole, they all seemed so different, too different. It took me a while to actually ‘get’ the track listing in the end, to understand that the album does actually make sense and isn’t some random mix-tape you’d give to your friends. However, even saying that, I’m not complaining, the experience gave the album an almost-sort-of concept feel to it, without it even being a concept album. That’s kind of a cool thing to achieve, in my humble opinion.
Lyrically In Tongues created a mish-mash of reactions ranging from ‘Boring’ and ‘Holy shit, that lyric changed my life’. I didn’t expect too much when I first stuck the album on, other than stereotypical Country-Western lyrics dealing with liquor and some form of metaphor about heart strings and guitar strings. It doesn’t seem that too much pressure is put on the lyrics, which annoyed me, but there were moments of genius, like in their track Womb, which certainly struck a chord with lines such as “Out from the sea comes the beast and the whore”. Or A Blow to the Head, though it’s lyrics are as audible as an early Kings of Leon track at moments, “There’s blood in the mouth of American Hounds” is little other than nerve hitting. Thumbs up are certainly in order!
As a whole the album is something I can genuinely, if not enjoy, certainly appreciate. It was clearly thought out and confident. The bands use of fusion with regard to the southern-American meets every other genre, ever, can’t help but attract a musical ear. Though as a whole the album wasn’t for me, I really can see people enjoying it, I get why people would be into it, however personally the sound is simply not my style. I think a 3/5 stars have got to be a pretty fair judgement. Happy listening!