Radstewart are back with new EP stream Wiccans & Beatlemancers, set for release on March 17th through Alcopop! Records.

The band have picked up where they left off last year, further developing a sound with which firstly, every student to ever walk the face of the Earth will relate, and secondly, carries the group’s wry, dry and refreshing sense of humour throughout.

With a theme reminiscent to that of previous tracks such as Arabesque Bedouin and Beer Swindlers, but perhaps with a hint of a slightly more uptempo change of direction, this EP flows incredibly well.

Opening track, Fix the Roads, opens with a chirpy intro. Immediately catchy, fresh and yet managing to take me back to a time when this genre was arguably at it’s most creative.

I get the feeling that track three, Insane Parties, may well prove to be the outstanding tune here. It accentuates that feeling of an almost distant and somewhat mocking overview, but manages to remain almost lighthearted throughout. It’s slightly lower tempo intro sets an almost dream-like vibe, yet the message delivered is one of non-conformity, examining social interaction from an “outside looking in” perspective.

But, for me the standout track here is Graduation Blues. And you know what? I’m not entirely sure why.

It’s a concoction of tone and lyric crammed into 90 seconds that takes the listener to a place of comfortable confusion, summing up that “what now?” feeling. It just fits.

Bearing in mind the group are currently on the road, this is a sound that you just know will translate seamlessly when performed live.

The flow is consistent, completely relatable and I’m pretty sure will leave you wanting more from this Cardiff outfit.