Daniel Pujol, Nashville’s self professed pop-poet, returns with his generously proportioned Kisses EP – the eagerly awaited follow-up to 2014’s Kludge.

This eight track collection is by no means a stop gap between LPs and is as varied as they come, opening with the sprightly Gibbons Awoken, fusing classic voice distortion with an almost alternative sounding backing. But don’t expect the opening track to set a tone because quite simply, there is no specific tone here – and it works! Eight tracks unfold ranging from the zany to the dreamily melancholy, with the instrumental Gingerbread Man serving as a wonderfully warm mid-point interlude.

The EP is laced with immensely catchy punk-rock choruses entwining rock n’roll with poetry in its purest form, blindingly evident especially in the somewhat reflectively optimistic Designer Feelings. 

Kisses is one of those wonderfully authentic EPs. Recorded in Daniel Pujol’s Nashville basement, it carries with it the very best of what the underground scene should represent – in every bit the literal sense. It’s colourful, flash and somewhat wild when need be – and it’s available now.

In the meantime check out the zany video for Sleepy Doni – a timely teaser of what’s to come.