Plymouth Brethren are a British band who released their EPOne on 16th June 2014. Plymouth Brethren were formed by frontman James Delin following the disbandment of his previous act Castiel, a band who garnered a strong following and toured Europe. Delin has had a successful career as a music producer and his knowledge and skill is demonstrated in listening to this EP. Frontman James Delin is a passionate musician who suffers from Scoliosis which leaves him in a lot of physical pain. His condition means he is on a strict regime of drug therapy and brain training. The artist finds inspiration and catharsis through his music.

The lead single Satin On Silk is a strong introduction to the band. The track opens with a strong bass riff which automatically gives the song a strong presence on first listen. Delin’s vocals are commanding and confident. The vocal melodies are seamless and the hook is catchy, infectious and radio-ready. Musically the track has edge with it’s punchy guitar riff and experimental drum production. I imagine the track has a strong presence in a live setting as it’s anthemic chorus and hook would certainly rouse a crowd. The title track is a strong choice as an opener and indeed a strong choice at the title track and single. The track has already gained attention from Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music who has claimed to be a fan of the band.  The single was released on January 30th.

The second track Glue is a departure from the guitar rock of the opening track. The track opens with synths that dance into the vocal melody. The lyrical theme is about longing for a love who has left an impact after all this time, the lustful vocals melt into the experimental synths and the track is very danceable. The track breaks down into a guitar solo and back into the chorus and synths. Again, the vocals are distinctive and commanding and are recognisable as the band from the first track but as a different genre. As impressive as the production and experimentation is, my only criticism as a listener would be that it tries to be too many things at once. If the track were more minimal to one style, I could have warmed to it more.

The third track Deeper is another alternative rock track. The lead riff is beautiful and spirals into Delin’s vocals. The vocals are layered with melodies which I think is a beautiful addition to the track. Musically, I commend the band for a beautiful riff and vocal melody. The lyrics are again seem to be on the theme of longing. As beautifully produced the vocals are and as strong as the vocals are, I feel like the lyrical content might verge on cliché but that is a matter of opinion and depends on the listener’s preference.

The final track is a stripped down remix of the leading track Satin On Silk which demonstrates Delin’s vocal melodies. Overall, Satin On Silk is the strongest track on the EP and I feel this will be the track that will attract attention for the band and rightly so, the catchy melody and distinctive vocals are commercially appealing. The track is strong enough to reel people in and keep an audience interested.

The addition of Glue may have been added to demonstrate the band’s versatility and while it showcases a kind of variety, I feel it may be a bit of an “odd one out” in comparison to the rest of the E.P.
Plymouth Brethren are a band who I commend for their infectious melodies, experimental production, versatility and commanding vocals. I feel like the full effect may be heard in a live setting.

EPOne was released on June 16th off Angel Recordings.