Glasgow based four-piece Picnic Basket Nosedive have been enjoying rave reviews following the March release of new EP A Likely Story – bringing a fresh slant to the UK’s pop-punk circuit. Picnic Basket Nosedive are riding the crest of a wave – and amassing quite a following in the process.

Blending classic modern day guitar harmonies with melodic and often hardcore passages, topped with autobiographical lyrics and a refreshing hint of tongue in cheek brashness, the EP is a unique exploration of  familiar and hugely diverse concept.

This has been  a successful year for Picnic Basket Nosedive as they seek to cement their place amongst the great and the good of a competitive and packed scene.

Opening track, The Same Old Fashioned New Year is packed with youthful exuberance and bright guitar riffs. The track emerges at full speed like an express train from a tunnel.

Wonderful old school guitar sounds set amid frantic percussion and Darren Coles’ vocal which is energetic and fresh… Quite an announcement.

Second track Apparently I’m Troubled. By now a rather exciting theme is developing. This is pure, high tempo, authentic pop-punk the way we imagine it should be. Which way is this? Well, loud! And I highly recommend that’s how you listen to this EP.

Stay Classy Jennifer  is again brash, loud and uptempo. This time the Picnic Basket Nosedive vocal is right up in your face and carries a grunge-like american slant which works oh so well. Ending with a reflective twist, it paves the way for the creatively titled If You Can’t Handle Me At My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve Me When I’m Not Quoting Marilyn Monroe. Ashley Cadwallader guests, adding a refreshing change in dynamic mid way through. This track is laced with awesome chord combinations – not afraid to drop and reignite with spectacular results.

And so, on to final offering Me, Myself and Irony. This is how to round off an EP. Obviously we’re not going to stumble upon any surprises at this stage. The track smashes it’s way through your head and exits with all the subtlety of  a hungry buffalo with it’s head in your fridge (imagination required). Rest assured, in terms of tone, tempo, power and pace A Likely Story has all you could possibly ask of a pop-punk EP… And the rest.


Stay tuned for Picnic Basket Nosedive updates.