Rapper Towkio (formerly Tokyo Shawn) releases his latest four-track E.P, Hotchips N Chopstix produced by A Billion Young. A member of the Save Money collective along with Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and Joey Purp (among others), this Chicago based group have seen their city triumph once more as hip-hops’ mecca with  Towkio and Mensa lending their talents on Noisey’s Chiraq ep 5.

The opening track, Ready, begins with a catchy little RNB sample, “if you’re ready, I can give you what you” think En Vogue circa 1990.  A combination of reverb and deep bass create the perfect rhythm for Towkio’s flowing lyrics, “don’t test me these waters have uplifted cruiseships”. A slow-tempo bridge makes way for Towkio closing, barking out the lyrics of the chorus Lil Wayne style.

Leather Corduroys lends his vocals on the next track, Sh!t 2.0. This is a lot darker and heavier with Towkio seemingly challenging the rap industry spitting lines such as “I’d rather be a suitor than a mothaf**king target”. I don’t play up on my money or my momma or my daughter”. Towkios rapping is a mix of ferocity and despair here, reminiscent of Ghostface Killah in I can’t go to sleep.

Piano accompanies the next track American Apparel Girls, creating a more electro-pop sound than the previous offerings. The song is a light-hearted exploration of the subculture of the all American girl living the all American dream, “what’s your name, where you from, where you go? Where you work, never mind I probably know”.

Absract is the closing track from the Hotchips N Chopstix EP. It is an electronic, synth-laced, foot tapping track with the hypnotic, robotic chorus, “I make art, make sense, matter of fact maybe my work is too abstract, let it go over heads”.

At just over 10 minutes long this is a thoroughly enjoyable little listen that will pull you in from the get-go. This is an up-and-coming rapper at his best and a must for all rap fans that are looking for the next big thing. Towkio is currently putting the finishing touches to his much anticipated full length WavTheory…watch this space!