Emerging as part of the second wave of pop punk in the late 1990s, music critics consider NEW FOUND GLORY a key originator of the genre. Labelled the “godfathers of pop punk”, Allmusic credits them for “practically serving alongside the work of Blink-182 as the blueprint to the entire genre for the early 2000s.”Also renowned for their energetic live performances, the band has garnered a cult following since their inception.

Hailing from Coral Springs, Florida, punk-pop band New Found Glory were formed in mid-1997 by vocalist Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka, drummer Joe Moreno (replaced by longtime drummer Cyrus Bolooki after the band’s first release), and guitarists Chad Gilbert (previously the vocalist for Shai Hulud) and Steve Klein. Having recently graduated from high school, the bandmates wasted little time amassing a cult following, eventually rising to the upper tier of punk-pop music alongside Good Charlotte, Saves the Day, and other Warped Tour-affiliated bands.

They attainted mainstream success following the release of their third LP “Sticks & Stones”, which was propelled by hit single “My Friend’s Over You”.

NEW FOUND GLORY visit Belfast on November 13th as part of a full UK Tour. They are scheduled to release their eighth studio LP, as yet untitled, in late 2014.