California quartet Neighborhood Brats have released debut LP Recovery following the successful launch of various EPs and singles.

The Long Beach natives are renowned for their high energy live sets, and it’s this theme which pulses through the album from start to end. Indeed, those familiar with Neighborhood Brats will expect nothing short of an album which is raw and hardcore-Mission accomplished!

Everything from track titles to each lyric is jam-packed with attitude, but nothing more so than the fresh ‘punky’ female vocal of Jenny Angelillo who delivers with intent from the onset. Scrolling through the tracklist is indication enough of exactly what Neighborhood Brats are all about.

Titles including One Wasted YearSuburbia, and the oh-so-descriptive The Pharmacy Is Closer Than The Liquor Store provide more than a hint of that gritty punk sound which feels like a reminder of that hectic ’80’s golden era. This is a band which are widely touted as a female-fronted Black Flag, and as the album smashes its way through your senses it becomes increasingly apparent as to why that is.

Every album contains that one track which sums up the entire record and stands as a pretty accurate representation of the artist. For Recovery, that track simply has to be Complete Mess-describe this track and you’re describing the LP. So here goes…

From the first note it’s high octane. Opening through the full-on, short energetic intro, the tone is instantly set. Now enters Angelillo, and the aforementioned attitude spikes to a level which resounds, adding a dynamic electricity to the mix. It sounds vibey, organic and above all it sounds live. No doubt Neighborhood Brats have little trouble making the transition from studio to stage.

Every track is straight to the point. No needlessly harmonic intros or soft, melodic strings. This is an album which pulses. To put it simply, if you’re into punk, you will be into Recovery. Heck, if you’re not into punk, you’ll still be into Recovery! How do I know? Well, because I was. It’s one of those catchy compositions which has absolutely no business being catchy-It’s punk after all. But I listened, then I listened again and again and,,, You get the picture.

Recovery is bad ass, it’s pure, it’s energetic and above all it’s hugely enjoyable. It’s also available right now through Deranged Records.