Every now and then an act will come along that will challenge you to identify the genre to which they belong.

In most cases this is quite probably a good thing. It can often signal a creativity and diversity impossible to label or file away beneath a heading designed to inform us of what we should expect. Perhaps groups which fall into this ‘grey area’ form a sub-genre all of their own, the creative nomads from which the message can be both profound and uplifting in equal measure.

My Grey Horse are a creative five-piece who define this category perfectly.

We only need to look at the composition of the band to find instant confirmation of this creativity. An illustrator, an animator and a film-maker comprise three of the five. And when this creativity can find a way to express itself musically the result is sure to be profound.

My Grey Horse release new album I Still Don’t Understand on June 9th through CRC Music. The perfect illustration of expression, as if definition were necessary.

The album is the perfect signature for the band and is a sound I think will come to define the group as they continue on their evolutionary path. A beautiful blend of layered harmonies complimented superbly by a tone ranging from the funky to the dream-like.

The album’s debut offering is available to stream online now. All Those Mornings is the perfect illustration of what this album, indeed this band is all about. The track is funky yet harmonic. It’s a piece of beautifully crafted easy listening, yet remains upbeat and refreshingly uptempo.

All Those Mornings is an isolated example of what I Still Don’t Understand carries with it throughout. In a nutshell this is music for kicking back with your friends on those lazy summer days. One can clearly imagine how beautifully this music will translate to the stage when performed live.

My Grey Horse have a wonderful chemistry. It’s a cohesion born from three brothers and two close friends resulting in an energy that simply flows to perfection.

It’s rather difficult to liken the sound to any that has gone before. And this serves as a reminder as to the seemingly genre-less pool of creative talent that is My Grey Horse.  Quite undefinable yet completely relatable and unique, compliment indeed.

It is always impossible to judge a band on their debut album, but very possible to gauge potential. And My Grey Horse have bags of it.

New single All Those Mornings is available online now. New album I Still Don’t Understand is available from June 9th.