Moon Hooch return with a new EP titled Eat Your Veggies, due for release October 13th via Megaforce Records.

Imagine smashing Melt Yourself Down into Snack Family. Then dissolving in a little Lotus but sans guitars!

Yeah I thought that would have got your attention. This is a genre melting revelation from a band at its freshest. Instead of trying to find a position for themselves in this overcrowded unoriginal and predictable sounding world we occupy Moon Hooch jettisoned from Earth. Moon Hooch colonised their own world. Moon Hooch decided not repopulate with primitive life forms but rather with a twisted, lush yet dangerous strain of dance music.

The Moon Hooch Eat Your Veggies EP opens with the arrival of Number 9 with is piercing sax and machine gun drum beat. EWI is next up with a more sinister insistent feel. Milk and Waffles burrows into your subconscious and really does ‘rock’ plus its got a great new treatment (in the video below).

Finishing off this rather wonderful EP is an intro that lashes you with deep dirty bass. Bass which cascades over each track of Eat Your Veggies but crystallises in closing track, the monster Megatubes featuring Alena Spanger.

Featuring four sax-driven, floor filling tracks, Eat Your Veggies gives insight to the strident tones of three jazz schooled Brooklynites throwing caution to the wind. Or as McGowen puts it:

“As a band, we strive to use the universal power of music to inspire connection between people, to influence sustainable culture in which basic human needs are met, and to contribute to the organification of all aspects of our lives.”

The jazz schooled trio, comprised of Wenzl McGowen, Michael Wilbur, and James Muschler employ avant-garde techniques to traditional playing to recreate the sounds of contemporary synths and samplers.

Moon Hooch – Eat Your Veggies EP track listing:
1. Number 9
2. EWI
3. Megatubes
4. Milk and Waffles