Ahead of the May 5th release of his debut EP,  Moon Gangs has released the first track from the upcoming record.

Sexbeat Records have announced ‘i’ is available to stream online now.

It’s the first of a trilogy of tracks, to be titled ‘i’, ‘ii’ and ‘iii’, that make up the EP stream, and will be seen as the signature tune of Moon Gangs, the musical alias of London based Will Young.

Mixed by Matt J of Hookworms/Suburban Studios and mastered by East London producer Rory Attwell, combined with the haunting and intriguing artwork of Linda Jarvis of Echo Lake, Moon Gangs have the listener guessing before a single note has been played.

The intro is captivating…. Slow, eerie drones draw you in. The hypnotic charm will hold you spellbound.

The relaxing and comforting tone changes direction around four minutes in, becoming a now pulsating ball of energy, yet brimming with a sense of synth driven fascination.

From the onset, the energy radiated is one of an almost pure anticipation, with a dreamy undercurrent.

In a world of technological advancement, it seems logical to push the boundaries of electronic sounds, and with this record it seems Moon Gangs has hit the nail firmly on the head, setting the tone for his debut EP. It’s a sound that will question and excite in equal measure, pressing the listener to ponder.

‘i’ is over seven minutes of fantasy and will capture your full attention without you knowing.

The perfect first release for his upcoming EP, Moon Gangs has left me wanting more.