This is proving to be a busy year for Menace Beach. Following on from the January release of debut album Ratworld, the fizzing five-piece have toured with the likes of Drenge and the Cribs, elevating their profile to a seemingly towering status – that of one of Johnny Marr’s favorite new bands no less.

Hailing from a region from which sprung the likes of Terrorvision and more recently the Kaiser Chiefs, and armed with a creative work ethic to stave off the lazily labeled “flash in the pan energetic live performers,” Menace Beach add more fuel to their meteoric surge with the release of new EP Super Transporterreum.

The wonderfully titled EP (apparently named following a flu-induced feverish hallucination experienced by band member Liza Violet while on tour) is packed with wicked caffeine fueled college grunge which pulsates from all five tracks.

Title track Super Transporterreum (I have no idea what a transporterreum is, apparently they made it up) according to the band is “three bass guitars simultaneously doing a Bryan May riff.” Add to that a combined vocal which carries that northern indie rock strain with hints of John Power and Mosely Shoals Simon Fowler, and we have a bright and breezy sound which is both fresh and familiar. Throw a dash of Wayne’s World into the mix and you have the facade for a wonderfully artistic depth. (I can’t possibly explain what I mean by that – scroll down for video, all shall become clear).

Super Transporterreum flows with glorious technicolor and surreal themes, illustrated with the brilliant Ghoul Power. Here the grunge goes up a gear, telling the story of a pocket size alien who soaks up your darkness but ends up a wreck after partying with the band… Some kind of naff cliche perhaps? Not a bit. “It isn’t meant to be as cheaply metaphoric as it sounds” explains Ryan Needham, thus confirming the track is, in fact, a beautifully bonkers throwback to an early ’90s grunge golden era.

Remember, inspiration can come from literally anywhere, Menace Beach being a shining example of that concept, summed up by The Line. The track was written after spending the afternoon doing a Geri Halliwell  workout video in Rotterdam with a pensioner. Brilliant, right?

The EP simply radiates fun from start to end, fully encouraged and endorsed by a band who outwardly refuse to take themselves overly seriously, yet below the surface dwells deeply artistic undertones and a smoldering creativity.

Apparently Menace Beach are already working on a second album – an album which has us waiting with bated breath, and it’s blindingly clear to see why so much critical acclaim has been universally showered upon the Leeds quintet – but let’s hope they take a well deserved break soon… Why? Well, simply so that we may savour the fruits of their labour. Not forgetting a more ominous historical lesson: the meteor with the most momentum only burns out sooner.

Super Transporterreum, the new EP from Yorkshire band Menace Beach is released October 2nd on Memphis Industries.