Malibu Shark Attack are Rocky O’Reilly from Belfast, N.Ireland and Tribe One, from Atlanta, GA; He’s the reflective, insightful and witty Wordsmith rapping atop “post-new wave-prog-electronic-indiecore-synthpop” tunes made by Rocky. O’Reilly is formerly of Irish indie-pop group Oppenheimer. They have announced their debut live show at McHughs Basement on Friday 23rd May with support from Oh Volcano (ex General Fiasco). Tickets are on sale this Friday from all usual outlets.

“I hate it when my favourite bands go on indefinite hiatus and later announce a new side project. They may be done, what if I’m not yet?”

These are the opening lines of “Better Off As Friends,” the opening track from Trans-Atlantic duo Malibu Shark Attack’s debut album.

It’s the air-clearing explanation of their enthusiasm for a new musical outlet following the end of their previous acts.

A sympathetic counselling session for anyone that’s felt the pain of their favourite artist calling it a day.

They’ve called on Irish indie-rockers The Dudley Corporation to lend vocals to the track, telling the band’s side of the story.

The video shares the turmoil and heartache in the loss of some of the band’s most-loved groups. From The Undertones and Sleater-Kinney to The Streets and ABBA.

They want you to remember one thing. No matter what happens, you’ll always have the albums.

As long as you don’t smash them up.

It follows previous single “Doing It Wrong” released in late 2013 and this precedes the self-titled album due in May this year.