What was the last festival you were at? I bet you can still remember the feeling of clean fresh air on your skin and the sound of clinking bottles in between laughter and distant thuds of bass. You most likely still have those bet down old wellies, stained and not fit to be called clothing that make you smile every time you see them.

Festivals have evolved in Ireland from a hard-liquor fuelled mudbath amongst a sea of zombies vomiting by the portaloos to a weekend of pure musical indulgence and bonding with like-minded people.

Festivals in Ireland today are about the best new music, the quality of the festival experience, shorts, sunscreen and friends. They’ve evolved immensely from the trashy days and nights of hardcore debauchery and eventually stumbling on over to catch a few minutes of an act you used to care about when you were sober.

Longitude is a glowing example of the new face of Irish festivals. This 3 day event set to run from Friday 18 July to Sunday 20 July 2014 is a non camping event- and it has toilet cleaning staff! Still in it’s infancy and only a year old, Longitude’s second year is promising you even more than the first time around.

The festival who brought you Vampire Weekend and Pheonix was voted Ireland’s Best New Festival and Best New Medium Festival at the Irish Festival Awards 2013. This year is going to create an even bigger impact. Massive Attack, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bastille, Sam Smith, Hozier, Ben Howard, Chvrches and Disclosure are just a snippet of the huge list of acts making an appearance, with a few more surprise acts yet to be announced.

If you fancy devoting your weekend to all these unmissable live performances, the full weekend pass will cost you 149.50 but if a day pass is all you have in mind, you can get your hands on one for just 59.50.

Marlay Park is expected to be as sun glazed and beautiful as it was last year. It’s easily been a favourite of mine for summer gigs; the open air aspect of it creates a special sort of primal atmosphere where one can walk about freely without fear of being jammed into a strangers sweaty armpit or carried away by paramedics following a lack-of-oxygen-induced black out.

So 3 reasons why everybody should drop what they’re doing and get down to Marlay park in July:

1.It’s going to be sunny as hell.

2.Every act is seriously good (There is not one space filler of a group or dodgey band).

3.It’s hygienic; no-one there will have been stewing in there own festival gunk for 3 days and did I mention there are toilet cleaners?!

Longitude is set apart from the others because it is so current. In contrast to Oxegen and Electric Picnic, you get a taste of new acts we’re all listening to and not just mainstream anthems that are topping the charts. It has a Body and Soul sort of pace without all the side-show fuss and it is highly music-orientated. There is no camping mayhem or tripping over chairs and tents. Longitude brings you the best of music today without the commitment of spending 2 or 3 nights in the same location, meaning it is extremely accessible and less intense than what most are offering.

It’s definitely an Irish festival alternative I’d be interested in investing in and checking out.