The vision of Adam Schatz, Landlady is a complex musical beast completed by Mikey Freedom Hart, Ian Chang, Ian Davis, and Booker Stardrum. The indie folk-pop band have evolved and matured with the creation of ‘Upright Behavior’, the new album out this Spring.

Upright Behaviour is fun, poppy, and with the strong indie element you expect from Landlady. While the album is complex and somewhat more mature in comparison to their last album, the sound remains universally appealing. Known for a brilliant live show, Upright Behaviour reflects that with heartfelt, melodic, fast rock that is impossible not to sing along to.

Adam Schatz- who also plays in Man Man and Father Figures, co-produces NYC Winter Jazzfest and founded Search and Restore, a website designed to introduce users to new music. He is also known for wielding a saxophone on stages and recordings with various bands, including Vampire Weekend and Those Darlins.

2014 hosts their first performance at SXSW, where the band will be performing at Hometapes’ SXSW Showcase.