Reminding the world just why Birmingham,UK wear the title of being at the very heart of music Nishi have exploded from the rehearsal room and onto the stages of the Midlands to almost  unequivocal acclaim.

Delivering a style that mixes rock, grunge, and a myriad of others, their Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly sound promises much and rewards plenty.

Currently in the middle of recording their debut EP guitarist Ben Horsley took some timeout to sit down and chat with LADIM, have his feet held to the coals of the fire until succulent and moist as we grilled him across the rack of LADIM’S LUCKY 7…


Ben Horsley

Ben Horsley Guitar

LADIM: Welcome to Live And Die In Music, if you would care to introduce yourself..?

I am Ben zee rhythm guitarist.


LADIM: There must be ‘something in the water’ in Birmingham , home and birthplace to many of rock’s most legendary bands (Sabbath, Zeppelin, etc), as the band has already started creating a buzz and turning up on the radars of those-in-the-know …?

The bands that started the wheels turning were around disaster, when they were children were living in the ruins from world war two, then growing up in such a tough, kill or be killed city, they had nothing but grit and the dream to do something.

Black Sabbath being my inspiration for a lot of my work, played what was actually happening and not what people wanted to happen, which I believe made people aware of the carnage that was going on before them. That’s what I try to do, I want people to feel what we have felt, think what we have thought. I want people to be in our position. And I feel that our single does that. Not everyone will like it, but the power and raw energy is not easy to hide. We are not a middle of the road band, we play what our heart beats, and that is life.


LADIM: With the recent trend for cookie cutter bands clogging up the charts how did you come about your amazing mix of styles and sounds..?

Living in Birmingham, I have been raised by the most diverse sounds I can imagine. My dad is a massive reggae fan, my mother loves Cliff Richards, yet I play something very different from the two. I think because the band is such a versatile unit we are able to make something true to us, whether it be a fast pace heavy metal tune or a soft melodically groove. We play what we feel; as a result the process for our sound is nothing but magic. No one will claim a song, even if they have composed the whole thing themselves, they will just guide us through it. We all have our own styles and when they are thrown together I think it’s then you see just how good Nishi is.


The things I create I keep close to me; the theme is something I have been through, or something I feel, or something I feel strongly about. not necessarily the lyrics but the riffs I create. I don’t play them because they sound good, I play them because they mean something to me. the same for a riff, or a lyric that another band member brings to us. I find I can fit it to my life, to an event I have experienced. With Walking On Glass I feel that it is evident. When listening to it I hope that people can hear that we haven’t made this because…well we can, but because we want to. You can interpret the song if your own way but it’s how it makes you feel that matters.

LADIM: Having already started a storm on the shores of the aural oceans how do you perceive the bands place within the music-world?

Firstly I would like to say thanks to (bassist) Jim and (frontman) West. My first audition for my first band was in front of them. If it wasn’t for them taking me on I don’t know what I would be doing. They have helped me grow in confidence and skill. So to them I tip my hat in gratitude. Also to a mate of mine, Aaron Orme (vocalist out of Only The Good); he has helped me focus on music and helped me see things clear, though he may not know it, again, I tip my hat to him.
James Warren Bass

James Warren Bass

West Addams Vocals

West Addams Vocals













We have had great feedback from people at our gigs and it’s all been pretty good news, especially when they begin to sing our songs to me – I love it. The way we take the news – whether it be good or bad- I think as a band we work with it. Like fine tuning an engine; you have to turn the screw driver an eighth of a turn every time until you find the right balance. That’s what we do. We use the feedback to better ourselves.


LADIM: Where does the bands drive to create such inspirational sounds come from?

Like I said before, for me it has to be personal. When I write lyrics It has to be personal, I can write lyrics about anything but my best is when my heart is in the ink. However, a lot of our stuff happens just out of the blue. We will be setting up the gear or making sure our levels are right, then we just play for a couple minutes, turning into an hour sort of thing. But in the time we jam, we have like three or four sweet bloody riffs happpening. The thing I do like is we will go through the set a couple times, or practice a new song, then Jim will shout out “Ben, give us a tune man!”

We all bring something to the table, it’s not just screwing about hours on end, we all have little pieces we want to try out. going back to the fine tuning, once we have a riff or something, we work with it, back sure it flows, feels right, make sure it’s us. We are quick to figure out if it’s worth playing.


LADIM: Penultimate question time! You wake up one morning after a stressful night filled with trying to fit eighteen pints of falling down water into a three pint stomach to discover the floor has been replaced by water and the walls have completely gone. With vague recollections of paying to clean up the eighteen pints of second-hand alcohol you’d ‘left’ on the seating of the Taxi that bought you home the night before the door-made dent in your forehead assures you that you made it home the previous night.

Alone and without shore in site you reach for your phone to call attention and possible rescue to your endangered self only to find the traditional emergency service number you dial returns an ‘unrecognized number’ message, wherever you are in the world clearly having a different emergency services number than the one you’re used to.

Adding to your woe the phone starts to lament a tone that indicates it is almost out of power, just enough battery life left to make one more call.

Knowing time is short and the choice you make crucial to your future prospects of rescue the question is; who ya gonna call?

And why?

Well, that is a ball ache of a question, knowing my phone is almost out of power, I will send one of them blanket messages I think they are called. I’m not just a pretty face, hahaha!


LADIM: Shameless self-promotions time! Where can our readers go to learn more about Nishi?

You will forever find me in Guitar Guitar ( or Professional Music Technology ( – bit of advertisement for them, haha.


But seriously check Nishi out on or Facebook at or you can stalk us on Twitter at @Nishi_Lives


Also a little shout out for my mate Robert aka PHD Media, he does some sweet photo shoots and music videos, me and him love a pint!!

Also to my family and my beautiful missus, who pushed me to keep going and not to give up.



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