This is the third volume of songs in the America compilation series, by Kitsune- the Parisian music and fashion label, founded by Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki. At fourteen songs long, it’s a varied collection, combining both blasting beats and gorgeous vocal harmonies, perfect listening for long summer days and nights. Things start off on a flyer with “Karma” by Beau ( New York girl duo), a charming and melancholic number, with singer Heather Golden’s soulful vocals effortlessly drawing the listener in, evoking images of summer evenings out on the porch.

Halfway through the album, sees the compilation reach its peak with Son Lux’s “Lost it to trying” with Ryan Lott easily combining both classic and modern influences, the saxophone combining well with a smooth electronic beat, making this a instantly catchy tune. “Eli Eli” by Misun is another real joy on the ears, gorgeous arresting harmonies, with the lines “I’m so alive” remaining in the head long after the song is over. “Speak” by Navvi brings the collection to a close, a chilling ,ambient and darkly atmospheric tune with fine vocals by singer Kristin Henry. Overall, this listener found this compilation a fine musical mixtape, with more than a hint of French chic and elegance stamped all over it, certainly something different to listen to an experience. Hopefully the next collection from Kitsune Maison will be equally as good.