Josh Siegel is on guitar and vocals for Bailiff. In the spring of 2014 the band released “Remise” with hit singles like “Lookin’ Away” and “Helicopter”. You can check out my review of “Remise” @liveanddieinmusic.

Is there an overall theme to Remise?

“The record starts out with a certain paranoia and skepticism but then it softens as the records moves along. I suppose it’s also about how life can be sad and weird but still very funky”.

Lookin’ Away and Helicopter are very powerful songs to introduce the new album. One can guess but what are really the meanings behind these songs?

“If I revealed the true meanings that would decrease the mystery and in turn, we’d have to lower the price of the album. We can’t afford to do that, yet”.

Who writes the songs?

“It varies from song to song. There are a batch of tunes that I wrote and there are some that we all wrote in a room together”.

Who are your influences?

“The Beatles, David Lynch, Mugsy Bogues, Bob Dylan, Charlie Feathers, Dickie Crickets, Annie Lennox”.

How would you compare “Remise” to “Red Balloon”?

“Remise feels more refined. If Red Balloon was a Mountain Dew with Vodka in a paper cup, Remise would be a sparkling water with lime and a splash of Gin in a fancy glass”.

Who has had the most influence over Remise?

“Probably our neighbors. The band lives in a house in Chicago and we wrote Remise there. We could only be loud and bombastic during certain hours of the day, depending on how long our neighbors let us run wild until they’d ask us to bring it down a few notches. Then we’d switch over to working on something softer”.

Are there any future plans to come to Ireland?

“We’d love to. We are still trying to conquer America and then we’ll use our gold and jewels to make our way overseas”.

Thanks to Josh for answering my questions I was able to match a review with another interview. Keep an eye out here on LiveAndDieInMusic for future updates on Bailiff. This is I, Nick Fitzgerald, signing off.