Johnny Aries of The Drums brings us a ten track album called “Unbloomed” set to be released August 26th via Frenchkiss Records. Aries is from the U.K but moved to New York upon being recruited to The Drums as guitarist. Before collaboration with The Drums he was part of Two Wounded Birds. In 2010 Two Wounded Birds were discovered by the American born stars. It was after The Drums took Two Wounded Birds on their first European tour that Johnny was recruited. The Drums were so impressed by Johnny that they knew he would be the next member. They just had to recruit him.

While Aries prepares for his solo release The Drums prepare for their new LP Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia is the third album by The Drums and the first album with Johnny Aries alongside them. The album was written at a confusing time for Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham. Jonny Pierce told Spin “We were feeling very angry, confused and alone when we made this album, and we wanted to be very honest this time around, even if being honest meant making some people uncomfortable. We’ve left the beach for higher ground, always searching for hope” (

“This Grave Is My Bed Tonight” has already been released as a promotional taster. The song is fast paced with backing vocals included alongside the main vocals. It may have an overall gloom but really the song is about the search for happiness. Due to this it could even be considered hopeful. Overall Johnny Aries possesses a melancholic pop/rock sound. You will notice overtones of The Smiths in his music. All songs in “Unbloomed” were written upon his arrival to America and focuses on how life can change in a blink of an eye. The move from The U.K to America and the comparison between what was with Two Wounded Birds and what is with The Drums is ultimately captured. The infectious melancholy provides a thoughtful listen.

When did you first realise you had a passion for music?

“I was nine years old and saw Oasis on TV and it immediately changed my life and from that point on all I wanted to do was play guitar and write songs.”

Can you tell me a bit about who your influences are?

“My influences range from Roy Orbison, The Cure, the 1950s, New York City, David Lynch, Old Drum Machines…”

How was it that “The Drums” came about approaching you?

“My old band Two Wounded Birds went on tour with The Drums and we became friends.”

How did they find you?

“We were sending each other music before they arrived in England.”

What happened to “Two Wounded Birds” after you left?

“They died. The band split up.”

Describe to us the gig you’ve got the most enjoyment out of performing?

“We played in Cape Town a few years back and that was a very fun experience.”

How does New York City compare to The U.K?

“For me it is incomparable. There are two very different vibes and ways of life. I feel happy in NYC.”

In your own words how would you describe the feel to your music?

“Well I’d say it’s melodic and pretty but I don’t know!”

Are there any bands in particular you’d love to perform with?


What can we expect from your “Unbloomed” LP coming out on August 26th?

“It is a collection of songs that deal with the past two years of my life. Expect sadness and misery. With a glint of optimism. Ha”

What advice would you give to all the up coming bands starting off or anyone who is attempting to start a band?

“Be true and make music you enjoy and that gets you going. If you don’t enjoy what you make then why are you making it?”


01. Unbloomed
02. This Grave Is My Bed Tonight
03. Bodybag
04. We’re Just Girls And Boys
05. To Be Desired
06. Human Nature
07. I’m A Dreamer
08. Ambulette Tape
09. You Belong To Me
10. Great Expectations


“You can’t stay the same. If you’re a musician and a singer, you have to change, that’s the way it works”-Van Morrison