Heres the brand new LeMove remix of Where Are You Now by the wonderful Jenny Mayhem.
Jenny Mayhem is a folk/electronic singer originally from Barbados. At the age of seventeen, she travelled north to start a life in the Toronto music scene. Jenny spent several years fronting progressive rock act ADA, later switching gears to focus on her solo career. Four releases later, Jenny has built a dedicated following online and around the world.

Jenny Mayhem songs have been featured in non-profit documentaries such as “Bicycle City” and “Ball of Light”. They have been used by O’Neill, Blumarine, Invoker, and the City of Buenos Aires. Her music has gained positive attention in Toronto’s Exclaim! and The Grid magazines. Her voice has been sampled by electronic artists Supreme Being and Tiger Tsunami, amongst others.

Jenny Mayhem latest solo release is “TV Waltz” – a folk acoustic single including remixes by Draaiwinti and O S L O. She continues to write, record and collaborate with artists in Toronto and in the online community.

Jenny Mayhem and the Fuzz Orchestrator met many years ago in a dingy Toronto rehearsal space. Plagued by bad hairstyles and blessed with a taste for The Mars Volta, they began their music journey as a progressive rock band – fresh off the boat from Barbados and Cyprus.

Ten years later, they’re working on something that sounds a little more like your grandma’s records. Starting with the release of “Bad Girls” on August 4th, Jenny & the Fuzz Orchestrator venture into a sound that mixes a Tarantino classic with Mary Poppins in flight. Their second track “Where are You Now” will be available October 4th, quickly followed by a remix from Portland producer LeMove on October 13th.