So we are walking down George Street, and all of a sudden a scream gets louder and louder and grows along the road, and the lovely sound of happiness from the clapping of hands reaches us, and judging from the strength of the sound, loads of hands.
Between the distinct sound of the clapping smoothly arrive to us, we follow it down Dame Lane, that’s how we see the crowd under a little stage in the street. In the sky there is still light, for this northern summer days, better you wear a hoodie ’cause of the breeze but colours are still vivid around you.
So the lovely voice of a woman is teasing our ears as soon as we get closer and closer to the gig.
People are in this spot aloud , as it rarely happens in Dublin, to drink on the street, everybody just outside Stag’s Head, Sweeney’s, Mercantile, some pretty girls in high heels and homeless bearded guys dancing together in a circle, – which you might be lucky enough to see only in Dublin- , and they dance right there, on the street. All you need sometimes is a friday night to fix your life, and a bit of live music to put together your heart, and a pint of beer to stick it all. Here, over this promises of hope and fun and life, the Lightning Kids builded their great show on the 8th of August, this colourful Dublin band composed by Karen O’Sullivan- Vocals, Drums – Adam Steele, Guitar – Sam Killeen, Bass – Ben Thonett.
People are singing on their vibe of rock covers, and a bit of funk and a bit of soul and rockabilly music, – what would you ask more?- the rhythm you can’t stop moving on, the words you’ll always be remembering so you can sing ’till you lose your voice (like I did).
As their name remembers, they’ll be lightning your evening, like the summery Dublin evenings, where the city never wants to go the bed, but watch his strangers dance all night.
If you want to go see The Lighting kids, with all their bow ties and the beautiful tattoos on the arms of the drummer, you be better wear comfy shoes.
The crowd couldn’t stop weaving, like a funny and tipsy sea on a windy day.
While I’m moving on time and singing out loud, I’m wondering how to find this band again, and that’s when a guy walked straight into me and gave their card, then turned the back and walked away. Sometimes the solution to problems just fall in your hands, if you are lucky enough, or if you are on a friday night, in a gig like that. The Lightning Kids know how to keep the audience happy.
And they stand out beautifully on the stage, just like fireworks, sparks of lights. Which is not surprising, they must have chosen their name for a reason.
Go catch and check this Dublin band straight away!