Mick James

Mick James


From the bright lights of the Big Apple to the strange lights of the grave and beyond Mick James is a musician with one foot on the stage, the other firmly in the grave.

A noted musician and part-time guitar designer Mick’s sound has been sending shivers down spines across the world, first tickling the tiny hairs on the back of necks in the Criss Angel Supernatural special shown on the Sci Fi channel, before troubling Vegas attendees sensitivities with the soundtrack for the Cirque Du Soleil show Believe.

From Carmen Electra’s NWWL Show to MTV Cribs, the singularly unique Catfish The TV Show to the over-the-top world of wrestling and the WWE, Phenomenon, Parenthood and even the smash hit Real Housewives Of Miami and more, though his name may be a privilege worn as a badge of honour amongst fans his music is an invitation to the brilliance that underpins a performance, piques pulses aplenty, defines the damned-and-fancy as only he can truly see fit.


Perhaps his most notable of productions can be heard on the hit television show Criss Angel Mindfreak, a track that was co-produced by Jonathon Davis of Korn and element of suspense has sent pulses racing for some six seasons.

Composer, song writer, actor, engineer, Mick James is the quintessential musicians musician; an artist constantly evolving his surroundings and sound to a new plateau of emotional understanding, a life’s-work undertake-n from within the walls of his own studio, Freedom of Speech Recording Studio.

And it is to this sanctity of soundscape we see our scribe-smithery staid, a handful of questions ready as we prepare ourselves to be taken through the labyrinth of learning that is the mind of Mick James…


Mick James

Mick James

LADIM: Before we begin, please introduce the enigma, the magician of music and imagination that is Mr Mick James?

I actually do have an extremely overactive imagination. I strive to come at things with a different angle. I’m bored with everyone sounding & looking the same. Im the alturnative to what has become the alternative…


LADIM: When we first saw the headline MICK JAMES IS DEAD! we naturally feared the worse; clearly something was awry in the world of music..?


There were crazy death rumours when the title of my Movie I have in development & my CD of the same name “Mick James Is Dead” the soundtrack to it was leaked by someone trying to ruin the surprise of my release. It spread like wild fire & was a bit surreal to see what it would be like if I had actually passed. Luckily it drew much attention & actually helped get the word out of the CD. So I have to thank them for that LOL.

It’s a dark fantasy that’s takes many twists & turns. We depict a vague version of it in a theatrical stage show. That will get more elaborate as budget increases. Most songs have Dialogue pieces between them with all songs telling the story in succession. To get the full story you will have to wait for the actual movie…

LADIM : Clearly an album of muchness, what themes and tones listeners can look forward to hearing, and where on the web should we be looking for a copy?

It’s a must have for any Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie fan that’s digs a Dark Horror vibe in image & music with Electronic elements woven between heavy guitars & raspy razor blade vocals. You can check out a hard copy here to get a signed copy & other goodies it comes with!  It can also be downloaded from iTunes along with most on line retailers.

It was inspired by the title a friend of mine came out with while we were kidding around about different titles to call my 1st solo project. I thought he was nuts till I thought about it. Then it became a stream of endless ideas coming out of me like a stream of water. I documented all the song writing & tracking in video. Some pretty revealing moments at the worst anything could ever sound. But that’s that writing process & I’ll out a making of at some point.


LADIM: We always hear about artists ‘going that extra mile’ for their music, but you seem to have taken that ideal to a whole new level..?


Yes, I truly did! I have to say I could have never brought myself to do some of these things if not driven for the overall footage & photos needed to portray the story line. Being in an actual coffin in an actual funeral home was just crazy – especially since it was in my home town that they will bring me to when I do pass. It’s like an outer body experience looking at those photos. Even creepier was being on the embalming table in nothing but my underwear 10 minutes after an actual stiff was on it! We did some photos where my eyes were wide open & it was just mad disturbing. We didn’t use those but maybe I’ll release them some day. The pics were well worth it & just glad I didn’t get into the body bag sitting there. I was about to, but saw a name on it & noticed the fluids inside it! Ha, that would have been flat out fucked up! It all made me realize we could be dead at anytime, so do the right thing with family & friends before it all too late. There is even still a lot of set backs with locations for this type of thing as you might imagine. Some were still working on for footage for the live show & videos. All I can say is you gotta know I believe in this concept to be sick enough to go through with these type of situations. Lets just say Moms not happy about it lol…


LADIM: As one of the music worlds most prolific musicians there’s a passion in your playing that speaks of a respect for medium, an intensity for the performance that is as emotionally charged as it is executed, and which has imbued a sense of loyalty amongst your fans..?

Wow, I’m honored to be regarded as such! I can say I am at a point in my life & musical career where I don’t have to think about my actions anymore. I recently did my 1st real show as a solo artist, & a lead singer/front man. I never once rehearsed anything but the singing & playing of some occasional guitar at band rehearsals. All I did on stage was improved. It was so natural & really was spiritual & emotional. I have so much electricity feeding threw me from the love of my amazing fans. & the utmost support from long time friends routing for me to crack it open out there. I’m humbled by the fan tattoos, the amount of merch people love wearing to rep me. It’s all been a trip, my fans have created such a buzz I feel I can & will take it world wide…


LADIM: With the media constantly decrying the death of live music and the industry claiming piracy is sounding the death-knell for album sales how does a global artists such as yourself perceive the state of music..?

Music has been changing for the worse for quite some time now. Tickets prices are off the chart & flat out greedy. I’m pretty sure the artist is not getting the majority of those profits. That hurts fans that want to come but cant & that makes me sick. But in a lot of senses “Rock” not music is dead. You don’t see it on many video channels, radio stations or any Rock artists on major awards shows. It will come back around as it always does. There is still a demand for it in concert. People will rebel eventually when spoon fed safe cookie cutter bullshit. The more you suppress it, the more it will eventually rise from the dead & rare it’s ugly head. That’s what Rock n Roll is all about & always has been, Rebellion! It’s become so mundane with the market flooded with the same sounding bands, same type of name. I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again, the industry needs a big kick in the ass & I just so happen to have very big boots. As far as free downloading, yes the major companies have fucked up & it’s become the Wild West all over again. Until someone figures out how to stabilize & secure music for sale. We as musicians will take a big hit financially. But again we also sell more than music & I for one have been blessed with amazing fans happy to purchase things. My biggest aspiration is for my audience to know all the words to my songs & sing them back to me in concert. That would be worth the price of those who pirate my music because they couldn’t afford it. But if they can, then I’d like to think they would be happy to support…


LADIM: With an entire album to gorge upon which one track would you pick for our audience to cleanse their palettes with?

Since it is a CD with a story line, I have been very careful to release things in proper order – besides a song called “I Don’t Fight Fair”. I put that out previous to the CD’s release to hold everyone off & not give away the subject matter of the overall theme. However I would say to check out my 1st Movie Teaser/Music Video Called “Speeding Like A Fiend” featuring Snake From Skid Row on lead Guitar (please subscribe & leave a comment!), and check out my latest single “Guess What; You’re Dead” featuring Tony Harnell (TNT).

Mick James Is Dead

Mick James Is Dead

LADIM: And where in the mortal realm can we stalk your activities send demands for autographs, downloads, such and similar and so on?

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Mickjamesbitch

Facebook – The Fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/MickJamesOfficialFanPage?ref=mf

Facebook – Profile: https://www.facebook.com/mickJamesrocks?sk=wall


YouTube– http://www.youtube.com/user/MickyJamesFOS

Reverbnation– http://www.reverbnation.com/mickjamesisdead?profile_view_source=profile_box


LADIM: And finally; in that noble ‘spirit’ of shameless self-promotion what else would you like our audience to know?

Next Live Show Dates:


Sunday Dec. 7th, 6PM Mad House TV Rock-N- Ink MC Show Presents Mick James Live at Revolution Amityville NY



Fri, Jan 23rd 7:45pm PST Live in Hollywood At the Legendary Whisky a Go Go!


Sat Jan 24th 10PM Live at Boomers Bar Las Vegas 3200 Sirius Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102



A link to some fan tattoos can be found here and also a link to where all my merch can be found here!

And for all our friends around the word at: Rdio !


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Photos By Neil Calandra & Edward V. Lacina