Exeter four piece Idiom has released a new EP called “Movement” which unleashes a fiery blend of alternative metal that starts at a frantic pace and never lets up. This EP gives us a good indication of why they are seen as being one of the forerunners of the current crop of alternative metal bands.

The opening track “Movement” begins with brutal, heavy guitars riffs and heart pounding drums that never hold back . The song really makes its mark with its chorus. The lyrics have real poignancy with the line “It takes a feat of a miracle, to make a movement at all” being repeated throughout the chorus. Musically , it starts out loud and aggressive, but ends up with a beautiful piano accompaniment while the chorus fades. “Braindead” is a track that has real venom running through it. The combination of dissonant guitar riffs and a psychotic and eerie vocal makes for a real tour de force.

Other notable tracks include “Cold Night Run” with its choral outro and the closer “Red” with its sadistic riffs. There are some weak points such as “In The Fall” with a repeated mantra that comes off as uninspired and unnecessary. “Said and Done” is a track that seems out of place and lacks the punch that some of the other tracks possess. Lyrically, it seems quite generic with no real sentiment to take away compared to some of the stronger tracks.

This EP is one in a series which are to be released in conjunction with Metal Hammer magazine throughout 2014. It is a great platform for Idiom to reach out and give potential listeners a taste of what is to come. Overall, this record gives us a good indication of what Idiom can offer. It is a full throttle experience packed with biting riffs and some vicious vocals. Lyrically, there are themes here that are not generally explored by metal bands and you can see they are trying to push the envelope with unconventional themes. The problem is these ideas are few and far between on the EP and what they do present often makes them fade into the abyss rather than rise above.